The Marketing Multi-tool is a community-minded marketing company. We deal primarily with small to mid level businesses and non-profit agencies. We believe non-profit agencies have a big role to play in helping build a strong Waterloo Region and we care a LOT about building strong communities.

Community HeartEach member of our team has at least a few causes they donate their time or skills to help. We also have a LOT of happy non-profit clients.

Non-profits are a lot like small businesses. You have customers - they use your services. You have cash-flow issues - those donations never can come fast enough. And you have expenses - just like every other business. But, we know that with limited budgets, marketing your cause often falls off your yearly plan and onto a wish list.

We believe it doesn’t have to be that way! We work with each of our not-for-profit clients to build a customized marketing plan that meets your needs without breaking your budget. Our no commitment, pay-as-you-go services fit the realities and constraints that you’re stuck working with. And our one-stop-shop marketing services make it easy for you to do everything in one place. We believe outstanding marketing and professional branding don’t have to empty your bank account. We’ve also worked with a number of local charities to trade our services for corporate sponsorship recognition: so maybe that’s an option worth considering. It all starts with a conversation: book one today, so we can make your non-profit wishes come true!


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What makes us special?

We're a different kind of community-minded marketing company who is fearless, creative and fun-loving. Comprising over 60 years of marketing experience, our award-winning staff is full of innovative and memorable ideas. We believe that outstanding marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, and our main value is client happiness.

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Impressed with our knowledge? Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest small business marketing and tech news.