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Sanjeev "Sanj" Rajput

Sanj Rajput is a creative vigilante, with a work background as colourful as his personality. With an ability to thrive in two worlds, the technical and the artistic, Sanj is equally comfortable painting water colours as he is troubleshooting website code. After many successful years and clients with his web design business Jelly Triangle, Sanj decided to launch The Marketing Multi-tool. He found he had a knack for helping small business owners navigate the treacherous realm of Internet marketing where there are no regulations, no rules, and no governing bodies to protect your money. The Marketing Multi-tool also gave Sanj an outlet for his god-given passion to help others; someplace to focus his love for local community. Now, Sanj inspires his crack team of marketing ninjas to do the same, and spends his days making things and building relationships that he’s really proud of. Yay!

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Bhupi Rajput

Bhupi is a wife, mum, daughter, sister, and entrepreneur. Born in East Africa and raised in London England, Bhupi is a world traveller who loves her Indian culture. She learned the art of henna while backpacking in India, and used her travels and pop culture as artistic inspiration for creating original designs. Bhupi has a career background that’s as colourful as her world travels. She’s worked in more industries than we can count including business, pharmaceuticals, real estate, research and consulting, and of course, marketing. These days, Bhupi runs the office and holds down the fort at the Marketing Multi-tool as well as runs her henna business, Henna4You, and takes care of her two boys. She volunteers and donates her time to a number of local causes: all of which have impacted her life in some way. Around our office, she’s known affectionately as “The Naggin’ Dragon.”

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Megan Lambe

Megan Lambe, our Communications Magician, loves all things development and efficiency. She’s a writer who has written books, worked on national advocacy campaigns, and planned award-winning events. She’s a Newfie so she really likes good whisky: but she’s also a yoga teacher, so she likes juice cleanses, too. She has an extensive background in community building and the non-profit sector, and is passionate about social justice. Megan has an MFA in Creative Writing and loves eavesdropping for dialogue while writing in local coffee shops. She’s also a book lover (print over digital all the way), a proud feminist, and a coffee addict (Monigram for life!)

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Mat "Ian" Schwenker

Mat Schwenker is The Marketing Multi-tool's Client Happiness Specialist. That’s right: if you want the good-old-fashioned customer service experience, he’s your guy. Mat has a Bachelor in Public Relations from Conestoga College and loves everything to do with communications and marketing. He started his career young and has worked with many industries including small business, large corporations and the non-profit sector. Social media is his first love though, and he’s pretty passionate about it. We dubbed Mat our CHS because he’s really good at working alongside businesses while keeping them happy and helping them grow to become active members of the community. His interests include playing music (acoustic guitar and bass), cars, coffee and more coffee.

Catherine Muss

Catherine Muss is a professional freelance writer equipped with a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and a decade of experience writing for corporate communications. For 10 years she sat at keyboards around Waterloo Region writing website content, blog posts, product information sheets, instructional booklets, and client correspondence galore. Currently she’s parked at home with her cat, drinking large quantities of tea while puzzling out ways to make clients’ content share-worthy on social media. She loves the words audacity, vapid, brilliant, and revolting, but loathes game changer, nice, nope, and actually. Catherine is a word nerd.

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Impressed with our knowledge? Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest small business marketing and tech news.