Can you imagine if brand giant Starbucks had called the company something ludicrous and truncated like Il Gioronale Coffee Company? Or, if multi-billion dollar soda giant Pepsi had called their product Brad’s Drink? If Nike had called themselves Blue Ribbon Sports? What about if Google had called themselves Back Rub? Insane, right?

JT SequelExcept they did.

Why is it so important to get the name right? We’ll throw it over to the experts at Interbrand on this one:

A name helps establish the tone for a product, service, or company. It acts as the primary handle for a brand. It’s a recall and recognition device, it communicates desired attributes or specific benefits, and, through time and consistent use, it becomes a valuable asset and intellectual property.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a name: from market testing to how it makes you feel to say, “I work for _________.” Can you get away with a made up and catchy word or abstract concept (hello Google, hello Nintendo), or should you use a name that clearly defines what you do to avoid confusion?

A little over a year ago, we decided to change our name from Jelly Triangle to Marketing Multi-tool. As a graphic and web design company, Jelly Triangle was incredibly successful: but our Creative Director Sanj was beginning to broaden the range of services for clients he found were in need of an honest provider. The addition of these new services, as well as a new partner in the business, were two key reasons for changing our name. We believed that it made it clear what we did and how we were different: a one-stop shop that offered every kind of marketing service a business could need.

What we didn’t anticipate is that there would be so much lost in the change. In an attempt to clarify that we do everything, we lost the clarity that we had experts on staff for everything we do. A small business looking for an outstanding, award-winning website company, for example, didn’t realize that’s who we were! We found out people had difficulty saying it right. We were frequently referred to as “The Multi Marketing Tool." Lastly, we underestimated how many people loved our old name. Like, really loved it.

So, we listened: just like we do with all our clients. Soon, we'll be changing our name back! Frankly, we missed the original name, too. We put a lot into choosing that original name. Because our old tagline, “Jelly Triangle: Graphic and Web Design” no longer fit, we developed a new one, “Marketing Marvels,” that provided the clarity we were missing. It’s the kinds of risks in innovation we recommend to all our clients: sometimes, when you listen to the market, your clients, and consider best practices, you might find yourself facing a direction you hadn’t considered.

While the change is multi-layered and involves us changing everything from our logo to our exterior sign, we’re also excited about the transformation. Stay tuned for the big reveal: coming soon!

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