Contemplating a new website? It’s probably time. Even Jelly Triangle-designed websites become antiquated. But how old is too old?  And how long can you put it off before your website starts to look like 1995 called, and they want their website back? There are a lot of moving parts that you have to look at critically and competitively in order to make a sound decision.

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If your website is more than 4 years old, you should redesign.

Technology grows leaps and bounds every day. Every. Day. Every year after your last redesign means that your website is falling behind. That doesn’t mean you need a new website every year, it means that when you do invest in a redesign it’s imperative to do your homework and hire someone to create a website that will last and is easy to upgrade. If your website is only 1 or 2 years old and in need of a refresh, you might be able to get away with enhancing existing features that have become obsolete (Flash, I’m looking at you). When your website reaches age 3, you should start brainstorming your new website design dreams and planning a budget.

When it’s been 4 years or longer since your website was created, you are sadly behind in the technology times. New websites load faster, are easier for customers to navigate through, are easier for users to add content, and are responsive, which means they automatically adjust their look to suit every monitor, smartphone, and tablet your customers are using. Responsive design is critical to stay competitive. Have a bunch of friends with various devices over and find out what your website looks like on tablets, laptops, desktops, and all kinds of phones and see for yourself whether you are behind in the times.

If your website relies on Flash for anything

You really, really need a new one. Adobe Flash software was designed to animate all those groovy parts of your website like ads, banners, graphics, and supported audio and video applications. It’s also outdated and retired from website design. If your website uses Flash to support any component, a whole bunch of your customers probably experience broken content. Flash is also no longer supported by some of the most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome. Yours isn’t the only website still relying on it, this isn’t an absolute disaster, but 1995 called, and….

If your website isn’t pretty, has outdated graphics, looks older than other websites

You may not need a new website, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead for one in the budget. Check out your competitors’ websites and compare yours. If you had to base a decision solely by looking at websites, which looks most professional? Get your dream board going and start looking for a designer now and be read to move forward in about a year.

We make it sound easy to say, “Yeah, I need a new website!” because we know that a quality, polished website means better visibility in online search and customer trust. We also know that choosing to go ahead with a redesign is a complicated decision, not in the least because it’s a lot of work. Avoid stressing out over the details and let Jelly Triangle show you how easy – and budget-friendly – a high-quality website redesign can be.

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