You get up and turn on your laptop… But, wait… No, no way… It’s not working. The blasted thing won’t turn on!

Ever had this happen to you? Our sympathies – laptop failure is a sad event that happens even to good people.

Broken laptopOur advice: remain calm and REFRAIN FROM PANICKING. We can’t stress that enough. You need your wits about you, and throwing a tantrum is not going to help anyone.

Now, first things first!

  • Check your power adapter. Maybe the wire got chewed up by a wandering dust bunny, or maybe there’s no power at the wall outlet.
  • Are the wires in good shape?
  • Have you tried plugging it in somewhere else?
  • If all seems well, plug the adapter back into the wall and your laptop, and try rebooting/turning it on again.
  • Listen for the whirring of a fan in your laptop. Whether or not you can hear it will determine what your next step is.

There’s a Fan A-Whirring

This means a software issue with your laptop. Usually, the screen will show a loading/booting page, but you can’t get any further. Your laptop is, unfortunately, getting stuck trying to boot up its software. It’s like the little train that thinks he can but, because the conductor isn’t able to do his job, the train that could, now simply can’t.

Sad Silence Is the Only Sound

There’s a hardware issue afoot, meaning your laptop has a physical problem with at least one of its parts. It might be getting power, but something is broken somewhere and it can’t physically get going. Luckily, your work (including documents, pictures, and videos) is probably salvageable. It is rare that a laptop’s hard drive is the issue. The hard drive is the place where all your files get stored; think of it as the bookshelves in a library. Long story short: you might be able to get away with replacing only a part or two.

Now What?

Unless you know your way around a computer or know someone you can trust, you need keep your composure as you subtly run-walk out to your car so you can take it somewhere to get it fixed.

We know what you’re thinking, though: those tech types are going to take advantage of me! I don’t know anything about computers! But that’s where you’re wrong. At this point, you know roughly what the problem is. You can walk in there and say “I’ve got a hardware/software problem. I need you to take a look at this, but I’ve got important work on there and protecting the integrity of the hard drive is imperative.” No store clerk is going to mess around with someone who walks in and says that. They’ll know instantly that they can’t pull the wool over your sharp eyes.

Having said that, we know dealing with a potentially dying laptop can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. When one of our own laptops gave up on us recently, we were just a wee bit terrified. Then we remembered we had Polarverse IT services on our side. Chris Davis is the man you want to call if you’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and need IT support for your business. He’s been helping keep computers, of all shapes and sizes, alive and well since 2003, and he’s really good at figuring out a solution if your digital baby is DOA. He couldn’t save our laptop, but he was able to give us a great price for a new laptop with all of the software we needed pre-loaded. He was even able to guarantee overnight shipping!

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