"Here, nana, this is the website for my business. I told you the Internet is real.”

“… Hmm… But dear, what do all these numbers and letters mean?”

“What… Oh no…”

What goes up must come down. It’s true in real-life and, at least sometimes, on the Internet. That means, the website you’re so proud of might one day experience an outage. You’ll try to access it, but you either get a blank page or an error message. It’s a tragedy that befalls on even the innocent, but we can help.
The first step is going to a website that will help you check what issues are on your site. It’s appropriately named Down for Everyone or Just Me, and you just type in your website URL. It will check whether the site is malfunctioning or if you have a problem with your computer/internet access. We can narrow down the list (below) of possible issues:

  • An error in your website’s coding
  • An expired domain
  • Server maintenance by your web host
  • Web server problem
  • Hacker attack

Shocked Website DownTake a good look at the page you’re being redirected to when you try to get to your website. Does your browser try to warn you that there is a security issue with the website? Most browsers will tell you if it thinks your website has been hacked. Fortunately, it is very rare that a business piques the interest of a hacker. More often than not, it’s a much simpler boo-boo.

It’s Spewing Gibberish (Or an Error Message) at Me

Have you recently asked your web designer to make changes to your website? A yes means it’s time to call them and get them to go over their work with a fine toothcomb. Websites are created using coding, a language that only programmers are apt to understand. To most of us, it looks gibberish, but these complicated sequences of numbers, letters, and symbols actually are the websites. So a broken page is an indication that your website needs a little bit of coding TLC.

A Domain and Server?! (No, They Do Not Bring Fries to Your House)

In the case your error message indicates an expired domain – you’re in luck. This is a quick fix. You just need to renew your subscription with your domain provider. Call up your digital marketing team and have them process the payment and paperwork.

Similarly, the server for your website might be going through routine maintenance or having issues themselves. Routine maintenance is typically performed during off-peak hours (usually late at night/early morning), so if you find yourself desperately trying to get to your website at 3AM, you might want to give it a rest and literally get some rest. When you wake up, your website might be just fine. If you can’t access it during normal office hours, then check with the server host. Usually, they’ll provide a message on their website or social media to inform their customers that they are trying to resolve the issue.

No Plan = A Plan to Suffer an Anxiety Attack

It’s a scary time when the website that your business depends on suddenly becomes inaccessible. At Jelly Triangle, we offer website maintenance as a monthly service so that you never have to worry about what to do should this awful day ever come. Our clients simply call us and let us know that their website is down, follow up with a screen shot of the error page, and remain calm as we work to fix the problem. (Then you can call your nana back and properly show off your beautiful website.)

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