For a business, your email address is the digital equivalent of an invitation to stop by your home every now and then. Imagine how crazy it would be if a representative for Best Buy just stopped by with information for a sales promotion every month. And yet, that’s how email marketing essentially works.

Misgivings? Probably. You might be thinking about all those emails that collect in your spam folder, which promptly get deleted when we remember to check it. But spam isn’t what we’re talking about. The emails we don’t pay attention to? That’s not what we’re looking to replicate.

So what the heck is email marketing?

It’s the modern print and mailer marketing strategy for businesses. The idea is to deliver fun, beautiful, and easy to consume messages directly to existing and potential clients.

What message do you want to send them: special offers, coupon codes, new product introductions, newsletters, blog, new service?

Set a timeline. For example, an email campaign for a new service would be most effective if you sent emails before and after the launch. Coupon codes would make sense before a sale. You get the picture.

Why should your business consider email marketing?

People check their emails on a regular basis. Most of us keep an eye on our inbox when we work and for some of us, it’s the first thing we do when we wake up. Marketing via email is a great way to connect with clients when we know to how to find them.

Great ROIs. Other than paying for graphics or writing (which you may be able to do yourself), email marketing needs neither much time nor money. Plus, unlike the more expensive print/mailer option, emails are incredibly versatile, immediate, and personable.

Emails and social media are different. Because there is a personal focus and the messages are sent directly to a customer, email marketing offers an avenue to be open about promotions. When we receive a special offer or coupon codes with our names on it, the advertisement seems less pushy and intrusive. For example, Michaels sends out a weekly email with their 40% off coupon. Loyal customers will not only open the email but use the coupon from their smart phones when paying.

Here’s how to do it.

Make sure the content of an email is to the point. If you’re sending monthly newsletters, try to include blog-like content (interesting topics related to your business, and nothing too promotional). On the other hand, a promotional email campaign should be short and sweet. No one likes a long sales spiel.

Find a way to include some humour. By making it fun, people will not only want to read it but look forward to receiving it. Bonus: once you reach LOL-level, it becomes shareworthy.

Looks matter! Cute or whimsical graphics are eye-candy, as are the layouts, fonts, and call-to-action buttons in a marketing email. Don’t be the business that hands out ‘toothbrushes’ on digital Halloween.

A clear call-to-action means a better chance of people doing the thing you’re asking them to do right away. Clever and witty call-to-action buttons usually get more clicks too.

Play around with subject lines and preview text. It’s prime digital location. Show off your humour or wit. Grab their attention with a tongue-in-cheek line. Create a sense of urgency with a claim or a feeling of intimacy with their name. This is your chance to grab email skimmers.

We said 10, but if you’re totally stuck and don’t know what to do, call Jelly Triangle. We offer email marketing as a monthly service, so you don’t have to craft the perfect email. We’ll do it for you.

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