Spring has finally arrived! We can finally say goodbye to our heavy winter coats and boots (for a few months anyway). And what better way than to get outside! The number of hours we spend online grows every year and technology is coming ever closer to becoming our One True Master. In the process, most of us have forgotten the old-fashioned approach to market research.

Meeting people and talking to them face to face is a great way of getting your business out there. It’s a refreshing break from the steady stream of emails that bombard us on a daily basis. And you get to learn about the local businesses in your area at the same time. Sitting has now become the new smoking. It’s time to get out of your chair and use your legs for what they were made for.
Here are a few simple ways to enjoy the warm weather, maximize your local marketing reach, and incorporate a little fun into your routine.

Beat the Vicious Cycle – Get on Your Bike

With more people heading outdoors, summer’s bound to present you with increased traffic on your daily commute. So let’s skip the headache. We suggest spicing up your commute by riding your bike to work for a couple of days a week. Your heart will be happier by the time fall arrives and you can check out the sites you’ve probably never noticed from behind the steering wheel. Driving everywhere, we sometimes fail to notice the cute mom-and-pop shops that are popping up more and more. Take note of where they are and make a plan to stop by after work one day. Even if you don’t get a sale out of it, you might be able to find your new go-to fill-in-the-blank store.

Munch on Some Lunch Somewhere New

How often do we go to the same place for the same meal, day in and day out? This is the perfect time (and excuse) to go out and try something new! Find a new restaurant to try out once a week and take the time to enjoy the food by eating in at the cute cafes. They’re right around the corner! Away from your computer screen, you might be surprised by how much you can learn about your neighbourhood by just talking to people. It’s nice out – leave the data and number crunching for another day.

Grab a Drink

We’re serious! We don’t think you should abandon your work to get drunk on a Monday morning but, once in a while, a Friday afternoon outing to a local pub or bar might be the kind of break you need. The sun shining down on a patio making drops of condensation on your cold drink… You get the picture. We challenge you, though, to go by yourself and chat with a couple of strangers. Think of it as a subtler version of cold-calling.

Partake in the (Local) Festivities (Sincerely)

Warm weather = more local festivals. Our advice: go and have fun! Don’t worry about setting up a booth or handing out flyers. Once in a while, it’s nice to go out just for the sake of going out. Without an agenda in mind, you’ll notice things you might not have otherwise and, if you do make a connection, the pressure of a sale won’t be on your (or your new friend’s) shoulders.

Do Invest a Little Time to Piece It Together

We do recommend that you set aside a bit of time to write down and keep track of what you’ve learned or the connections you’ve made. It might seem a bit dull after all the fun you’ve had, but the data you’ve gathered is valuable. Don’t let it go to waste by forgetting about it. An hour a week might be all that you need to boost your sales.

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