What I tend to find surprising/not surprising, since most of our clients are small business owners, is when we tend to hear the same thing a few times within a short span of time. Here’s what it was this week: “We’re too busy for more business right now: so maybe we shouldn’t be doing fill-in-the-blank service.”

Have you ever struggled with the question: should things change in the business, or should they stay the same? When market research or feedback from your network reveals it might be time to overhaul your logo, tweak your signature product, or change the name of your company, it’s worth considering. But… won’t you damage your credibility or affect that long-standing reputation you’ve built on being responsible?

We work with many small business owners who have the best of intentions when it comes to their marketing. The good news is, they get it: they understand the value (or have seen the benefit first-hand) of staying on top of their social accounts, website updates, and other marketing initiatives. The bad news is, they’re short on what a lot of business owners are short on: time. So what’s a well-meaning entrepreneur to do?

We hear it all the time from clients looking for a logo: they can’t do it themselves. They wouldn’t try, because graphic design isn’t in their wheelhouse. But far too often, we hear that people are comfortable writing the content for their site themselves. I mean, we all learned the basic rules of writing in school, right? And we know our businesses well. How hard could it be?

If you operate in any kind of digital based business, your attention span is likely... what was I saying?

As a small business, we’re uniquely qualified to help other small businesses with their marketing because we know the struggles well. Under resourced and over extended, some days feel like a success simply because we survived. Are you with us?

It’s getting loud out here in the digital world. With a lot of content vying for our attention, the basic fundamentals of how to behave online are getting lost, and we think they’re worth reviewing. So let’s break down the basics of your blog writing.

One frequent question our clients ask is this: should I hire a website designer, or can I do the job myself? Our answer might surprise you: sometimes, it is better to handle your website on your own. Here are the most important factors to consider.

Over the last year, we’ve had the privilege of running different workshops in partnership with the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre. From How to Make Your Small Business Look Big to SEO and Website Basics, it’s been a privilege to learn about, and talk shop with, small business owners in the Region of Waterloo.

“We’re a different kind of marketing company” is a bold statement, isn’t it? In an industry that’s loud, diverse, and chock full of creatives, it sure is. But we stand by it. If we had to put one word on what makes our approach rare, it would have to be value-driven.

When you do work under the umbrella of a loaded word like marketing, it can be hard to cut through the preconceived opinions. Let’s play a quick word association to demonstrate the point: we say marketing, and you think __________________. Did the words impersonal, mechanical, or calculated come up, or something equally negative? We hope not! But we feel it all the time.

Maybe you’ve heard that developing your local SEO can help immensely if you’re a small biz: but maybe you don’t even know what that means. If the idea of Search Engine Optimization leaves you feeling either confused or like you want to take a nap, we understand. We wrote this post with you in mind- let’s start there (or skip over this part if you’re an SEO pro).

Why did I decide in the midst of a hectic work season to call for a mandatory book club at The Marketing Multi-tool office? Because I thought anytime is a good time to generate some community internally… especially to recharge as a team.

We can’t believe the #lovelocal interview series is over! It’s been so enlightening to sit down with these local companies or charities that are not only outstanding in their own marketing, but are also helping to put Cambridge on the map. It’s given me insight into the heart behind businesses I already knew and loved, and an incentive to support those I was entering for the first time: I hope they’ve done the same for you!

This week in our Love Local series, we chatted and caffeinated with Graham Braun, owner of Monigram Coffee Rosters: a hot spot for coffee, entertainment, and so much more in the heart of downtown Galt. Sip coffee, read on, get inspired: repeat.

This week in our Love Local series, we grabbed a curbside coffee with Cliff Vanclief, owner of The Hub Bicycle Shop, to talk about the how and why of building a business that not only supports community, but has become a hub for it in the heart of Hespeler.

This week in our #lovelocal interview we're talking with Suhanya Ketheeswaran, Community Engagement and Marketing Specialist at United Way Cambridge. What do these two things have in common? Read on to find out!

This week in the Love Local spotlight, we talked about connection: a fundamental ingredient in cause marketing with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region. Get your #wrawesome non-profit love on with us!

This week in our Love Local interview series, we're talking delicious and bite size business wisdom with The Loose Grape. You may want to read while eating, this one’s bound to make you hungry!

This week in our Love Local interview series, we're talking about building a brand that delivers a unique quality experience with Henna4You. Grab a notebook: this one features some golden tips and tricks from a seasoned entrepreneur!

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