Love Local is an 8-week interview series featured on The Marketing Multi-tool blog. Each week, we’re serving up a dose of sage advice from a local company or charity that’s not only bad ass in their marketing, but helping to put Cambridge, Ontario on the map. This week, we're talking with the one, the only, local rock star Eric Bolton. Tune your ears and get ready to be inspired!

This week in our Love Local interview series, we're talking hot yoga with some whip smart ladies from Moksha Yoga Cambridge. Grab a tea and protect 10 minutes to get knee deep in some serious inspiration!

Of all of the services we offer at The Marketing Multi-tool, the most valuable one is honesty. Dispelling myths about website design, content marketing, and social media for business comes up at every client meeting.  

So you’ve got a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a newsletter, and you rock at sticking to a posting schedule. You pay good money for that content, whether you’re taking the time to write it yourself or you’ve hired out. Want more for your money? Sure you do!

Picking a logo is serious business. Potential customers consider your logo when they decide whom to trust, so creating a professional and unforgettable image that stands up against your competition is key.

In the world of web design, looks aren’t everything, but they count for a lot. Your website is the first chance to make a good impression; small print and blurry images can turn your next potential clients off, and onto the site of your competitor. 

SEO rookies, listen up! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are search-engine-optimizing your website. 

Imagine your website is a boat bobbing on Lake World Wide Web. Below the water’s surface swim your ideal customers, your generally interested parties, and the rest of the online world. You’ve packed your SEO strategy in your trusty tackle box and are ready to drop your line into the murky depths to try your luck at landing The Big One.

Starting a small business takes guts and gusto, no matter what you’re selling. Between your time and your money, the investment is significant and there’s always a risk. Especially when you have such a meager budget, spending your money wisely is a must for small business owners; and just because your cash-poor doesn’t mean your marketing strategy has to look that way. Here are a few must-haves we recommend to make the best bang for your buck.

The majority of our clients are small businesses rocking it on a daily basis with small teams. We know all about that: here at The Marketing Multi-tool, we’re doing the same! How, exactly, do we make magic happen with only five in-house team members, you ask?

To err is human, as the saying goes, and seeing as your company is run by humans there is a 100% chance that a mistake will be made at some point. This week.

While your friends think you’re taking naps every day, the truth is that you’re stressing out. You have no rules, no processes, and no administrative assistant.

We get it: you’re a non-profit with a limited budget and a team that’s under-resourced and over-extended. Marketing your cause is the last thing on your mind, and it’s definitely at the bottom of your list of financial necessities.

It’s noisy and crowded out there in today’s digital world, isn’t it? Studies show that we consume 5 times as much information today as we did in 1986.

Fortifying your marketing strategy with content marketing isn’t just smart, it’s necessary. McDonald’s is doing it. Coke is doing it.  The entire automotive sector is doing it.

The new video-centric social media platform Periscope is all about living in the moment. It provides users the opportunity to indulge their voyeuristic side with live video taken on someone’s phone anywhere in the world, right now.

The Marketing Multi-tool team is truly interested and dedicated to making sustainable change where we live, and giving our time and skills to help local causes: and in our own ways, we each bring creativity, leadership and expertise to social issues to create unique solutions. Here are a few local causes we care about that we think you should too!

B2Bers, are you feeling left out in the social media world? We’ve got great news for you; social media marketing is The Place To Be for your business-to-business marketing.

We throw jargon around like, “search engine optimisation” and “call to action” and “unique selling point”, in our office. But our clients don’t!

I was first introduced to Sanj Rajput and his business Jelly Triangle while working as Director of Communications at YWCA Cambridge.

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