Please be advised that these changes will be added to and/or overwrite your existing policy.

Meeting Policy

Upon scheduling a meeting with one of our team members, you'll receive an email verification from us via Google Calendar. 24 hours before your appointment, that team member will touch base to confirm the appointment time and location. If you need to reschedule before that time, no problem: you can call us at 519-624-8888.

Confidentiality Policy

As we work together, The Marketing Multi-tool will need access to passwords, email addresses and other forms of confidential information. Without this information, The Marketing Multi-tool will not be able to complete the projects that are set out in this agreement, The Marketing Multi-tool will remain vigilant in protecting any confidential information that is acquired such as billing and product information. This information will not be disclosed directly or indirectly without prior written consent from all parties with interest in the protection of specific information. BUT! We are a community minded company that loves when our clients to support each other. We're also really proud of the work we do, and like to talk about it. If the nature of your business requires further confidentiality, let us know.

Do not send passwords via email. If you must, send all info by email and then send your password via text message, or in a separate email. Emails are unsecure and you should assume that anything sent via email can be read by others.

At no time will any of your password protected information or any other sensitive data be withheld from you.

Writing Services Policy: The Fine Print

Just like we respect your time, we respect our team’s time as well. That’s why we get really specific about the time expectations when it comes to our writing services like blogging and content writing. Your official quote outlines the process and deliverables, so make sure you check that out. Here’s why your editorial calendar/schedule is important: if you require changes beyond those agreed upon in the editing stage, or submit your edits after the agreed upon schedule, a $15 an hour administration fee applies. But that’s not all, unfortunately. For every day past your deadline date, we charge you $1 to hold your content or blog writing. It’s not because we’re mean: if our writer receives your post late, this impedes on the posting schedule of our other clients. This backlog can throw off a lot of things (including their mojo and we know you don’t want to mess with our writer’s mojo).

Website Design: The M.I.A. Policy

We organize our website design and go live schedule to make sure each client gets the attention they deserve. As part of that plan, we depend on you to send or approve content on the time outlined and agreed upon in your quote. If you go M.I.A. for more than 90 days and fail to send or approve content, one of our writers will handle the job for you at a cost of $200 per page (1300 words per page). Don’t worry, we’ll notify you in writing before that happens, but we really hope we won’t have to. Help us to stay on schedule!

Graphic Design: Billing By The Minute Billing 

If you’re using any of our graphic design services (logo design, business cards, et cetera) make sure you’re clear about the revisions and editing that are involved and covered in your payment. We’re committed to only charging you for the time we spend on your work: so we’ll only charge by the minute instead of by the hour for work above and beyond the scope of the project outlined, averaged out over a fee of $85 an hour. This will save you the round up to the next hour fee that you find with other designers (and lawyers).

If you have any questions about any of our policies This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Client Lounge Is Now Open: Come Hang Out

We’re happy to announce our Client Lounge is now open! Here, you'll get exclusive access to guides, FAQ's and much more. Want to know more about SEO Optimization? How to choose the best colours for your brand? Get comfortable and take a look around. Our team of experts is always updating the client lounge with the latest best practices and tricks to make you look like a marketing boss, and take your business to the next level.

Customer Care System

If you reach out by email, you should know that we are committed to responding within 24-48 hours. BUT! The best way to reach the right team member that can best help you if you have any issue with any of our services is our customer care system. Creating a login is easy: once you're logged into The Client Lounge, you can submit a Customer Care Ticket to tell us exactly what you need from us. The Customer Care Ticket System is monitored regularly by all our staff during regular business hours.

If you need us urgently, call us on the phone. Remember the phone? You can call our office at 519-624-8888 and speak to a human anytime during regular business hours.

The Marketing Multi-tool Team Is Growing

Business is good... really good. As a result, we've hired a few new members to the team. Here’s a rundown of the team: take a read so you know who to get in touch with for what you need:

Sanj Rajput is our Creative Director, and chances are you know this guy. He handles pretty much everything around here: from custom Graphic Design to Website Development to making amazing animated videos. If you need anything related to your account, use our Client Lounge instead of touching base with him directly so we can free up his days to chase big ideas and make your dreams come true :) Read his full bio.

Bhupi Rajput is our Office Manager. She’s affectionately known as “The Naggin’ Dragon,” because she’s the one that keeps us all in order. Talk to Bhupi about anything related to your invoices and billing, as well as Email Marketing and Analytics. Read her full bio.

Megan Lambe, our Communications Magician, is the driving force behind our in-house development, and our community outreach. She also handles our Social Media and Writing Services: let her know if you have something worth talking about, so we can brag on your behalf. Talk to Megan you want to develop your business writing... or your recreational vocabulary. Read her full bio.

Mat Schwenker is our Client Happiness Specialist. If you want good old-fashioned customer service, he’s your guy. He also handles everything related to Adwords, and Website Maintenance (among a million other things). Read his full bio.

Jessiy Bothelo is our Sales Fanatic. She’s been dedicated to handle incoming client requests, and new ideas and services. She’ll also be handling sales for our current clients: so when you need an upgrade, new print job, or any other marketing magic, she’s your gal. Full bio coming soon!

Arzaan Khairula is our University of Waterloo co-op student and our Junior Web Developer. Arzaan is a coding wizard, and will handle modifying and maintaining existing websites, applications, and new development projects. 

Have questions about anything not covered here? Drop a message in The Client Lounge.


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