Finding a good web developer is like finding a good mechanic: without knowing how to check their work, you can run in to all kinds of problems.

Targeted Pay-per-click ads with Google are a great way to drive visitors to your site. Using Google Adwords, we can strategically place your company in front of customers who are searching for your services right now.

Did you know most hosting companies don’t do backups? And do you know if your website designer is doing backups on your site? You'd never skip maintenance on your house, or your car: so you should be thinking about that same maintenance for your website, too. If your website goes down and you don't have the right protection in place, it's a tedious and painful experience to get you up and running again.

Think about it: checking your email first thing in the morning (and maybe even in the middle of the night) is a common practice for small business owners. Email marketing is an easy way to reach your customers on the go, and an effective way to keep them informed. Email marketing can be customized and integrated into other marketing tactics.

Our team of writing rockstars know how to make you stand our from your competitors. All the writers we work with are outstanding not only at the art of writing, but the science of writing to make your business profitable. The best part is, since our writers are in-house you can meet with them anytime to continue to refine your strategy.

Today, the question isn't should your business be on social media, but how? Many businesses are using social in creative ways to stand out from their competitors. So how do you use it to benefit your brand? What platforms? How many times a day should you post? What should you say? 

This is our bread and butter. We LOVE to design websites: and working with a marketing company is a big win when it comes to designing your site.We'll make sure your site looks amazing, and is ready to convert visitors into actual customers.

Do you already have a website you’re proud of, but need help getting it found? Great! We can help with that. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is an umbrella term for multiple strategies you can use to get your website to show up in search results. We can`t stress it enough: every website needs a solid SEO strategy, and there is no quick fix to sustainable SEO practices.

Already have a website designed and want to make sure everything is A-OK? Your website is a significant investment: and just like you would with Doctor's advice, it never hurts to get a second opinion. From website assessment to consultation to heat mapping, we'll give your website all the TLC it needs.

Custom-designed graphics show off your ingenuity and dedication to your business. But if your marketing materials don't match your brand and aren't making you money, then they're letting you down. We can fix that!

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What makes us special?

We're a different kind of community-minded marketing company who is fearless, creative and fun-loving. Comprising over 60 years of marketing experience, our award-winning staff is full of innovative and memorable ideas. We believe that outstanding marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, and our main value is client happiness.

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Impressed with our knowledge? Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest small business marketing and tech news.